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Dr Merrily Kuhn
RN, CCRN(r), PhD., ND, PhD.
6748 Boston State Rd
Hamburg NY 14075
C: (716) 491-9558
P: (716) 649-1350

Healing Wisdom

Dr. Merrily
Health & Wellness Counselor

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Helping the body establish its own state of good health

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What's In Our Food
Eighty percent of our food today is genetically engineered. We are constantly being exposed to toxins. Is this affecting our health?
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Gut Picture

Pre-Probiotics Where the Strong Survive
Microorganisms are everywhere.  They can protect us or make us sick. The time has come to colonize our own microbes against this pathogenic invasion.
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Environmental Toxins
From the water we drink; the air we breathe; the food we eat; the creams. lotions & potions we put on our body; the products we clean with; the drugs we take; to the cell phone we talk on, we are constantly being exposed to toxins!
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Obesity, It May Not be Your Fault
Learn about chemicals in our body that contribute to obesity and most important, what can we do to counter the obesity epidemic in ourselves & our patients.
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The A to Zzzzzzz for Optimal Sleep
Poor quality of sleep and daytime fatigue are one of the most common general health complaints in American adults.
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Thyroid Disease & Testing
A live program presents a review of anatomy and physiology of thyroid gland, and the etiology, symptoms and management of both hypo/hyper-thyroidism.
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Iron Man Picture


Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements
Learn how to choose good quality products and sort through the truthful and sometimes not-so-truthful information.
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Herb Suppements 


Herbal Therapy & Supplements: A Scientific & Traditional Approach, 2nd Edition Book
An in-depth, research based discussion of herbal therapy. The plant, action, use, side effects, contraindication, toxicity, pregnancy/lactation and children warnings, long-term safety and drug interactions.
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Drug/Herb Interactions
Some drug/herb interactions are benign, but there are others that can result in prescription drugs not being effective or by increasing side effects of either the herb or the drug. All providers must have this timely information to counsel patients.
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Scary Drug Interactions
That can cause injury and death are discussed. All health care providers need to know this valuable information.
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Fluid & Electrolyte Balance
Fluid & Electrolyte reviews the most common electrolytes.
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Liver Function Studies
The liver is involved with over 400 activities. This program reviews anatomy and physiology of the liver and gallbladder.
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Cardiac Function & Testing
Cardiovascular disease is a major killer in the U.S. Health care professionals need to know how to identify risk factors and promote healthy life style choices in our clients.
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Acid Base


Oxygenation & Acid Base Balance
 Concepts of oxygenation, carbon dioxide, perfusion, transport, delivery, consumption and extraction are discussed.
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12 Lead EKG

Explains how to interpret a 12 lead EKG
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Mech Vent


Mechanical Ventilators
The focus is on the nurses role in managing the ventilated patient.
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