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Gut - Brain


Understanding the Gut Brain:

Stress, Appetite,

Digestion & Mood


Presented by:

Dr. Merrily A. Kuhn, CCRN(r), RN, Ph.D., N.D, PhD.


Institute for Brain Potential



Participants completing this program should be able to:

1. Describe key functions of the gut brain.

2. List several ways the gut brain regulates appetite.

3. Identify how stress contributes to digestive disorders.

4. Describe how inflammation of the gut can affect mood & anxiety.

5. List several disorders that can be effectively treated with probiotics.


See the state of food in the U.S.. A review done by the Environmental Working Group!!

State of American Food Landscape


Pre & Probiotics Where the strong survive.

Microorganisms are everywhere. The can protect us or make us sick. The time has come to colonize our own microbes against this pathogenic invasion. It is time to put nature back to its original order and to employ the evolutionarily stronger probiotic bacteria— who have won the wars and battles against pathogens for thousands of years. We have excluded the probiotics from our arsenal for too long. In fact, we have unknowingly broken the backs of many of our probiotic colonies. Our antimicrobial lifestyles have knocked probiotics back a step and allowed the pathogens to get stronger. However, it’s not too late.

This program clarifies not only what probiotics are and do, but how they cooperate with our immune system to combat a multitude of infections & diseases. Learn about: the history of probiotics; what are prebiotics; what to look for on the supplement label; how to fine the best products; how foods can be great probiotics; how to take probiotics & finally how our health should improve when taking probiotics. (2 Video CD Roms)

Super Nutrition for Babies (Dr. K Erlich, K Genzlinger)

Two experts give parents the latest scientific & common sense recommendations for feeding their young children in a simple, straight forward feeding philosophy. The authors provide information on eating during pregnancy & than feeding your baby- including when to introduce cereal, fruits, dairy, meat, nuts & soy into the diet. The latest research is used to make suggestions for the best foods for every age & stage so your baby receives the very best nutrition to minimize illness & optimize sleep, digestion & development. (Book)

The ADHD and Autism Nutritional Supplement Handbook
by Laake & Compart

Many children diagnosed with ADHD/Autism have nutritional & metabolic inefficiencies that negatively affect everything from mood & behavior to language & cognition. The authors discuss vitamins, minerals, supplements, food,, probiotics & dietary changes that may drastically improve overall health.
This book will assist parents, grandparents, teachers & physicians who care for these children.


New Slides for Spring 14 Class
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What are the healthiest options for my baby’s first solid foods? Click the link below;


Method of child birthing may be linked to Obesity. Click the link below;


Here is a way to prevent genetic engineering of food.
Sign & send the form to congress to repeal the Monsanto protection act!



Comparison of Common Probiotic Products

Allergen Note from ConsumerLab.com: Probiotics that contain lactose fermenting bacteria (e.g., Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria) are typically grown on media containing milk-derived nutrients. While the label of this product does not indicate milk as an allergen, if you have a milk allergy, it may be prudent to assume that any lactose fermenting probiotic, as found in this product, can potentially contain residual milk proteins, even if it claims to be free of milk or dairy. See Concerns and Cautions for more information.


A new list of dirty dozen endodisruptors:  Scary, scary