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14/2016  From Gabby of "Half of Gabby"

   I went to a conference at the beginning of this year called, "Spices As Natural Medicines" and it was presented by Merrily Kuhn, RN, CCRN(r), Ph.D., ND, Ph.D. It was absolutely phenomenal! If you ever have an opportunity to attend one of her classes and hear her speak, do so! I learned so much in just one day. I refer to my class materials all the time. Dr. Kuhn is such a wealth of information. I learned so much about spices and their healing abilities. I love learning about all of the natural medicines that the earth provides for us. 
Here is a link to her site: http://www.halfofgabby.com


  Dear Dr Merrily,
   Thank you for an excellent seminar today. As a dietitian working in the natural products industry I came expecting a standard lecture mostly about probiotics and was very impressed with your credentials and extensive knowledge. I think the audience benefitted  greatly from the wide range of nutritional topics that you covered which are indeed serious concerns affecting all Americans.
   INR are very lucky to have you as a speaker and we were fortunate to be in your class today.
 /  With thanks,


   WOW....!  That's the best description I can find. I just want to appreciate Dr. Kuhn for the best CE course I have ever attended. Dr. Merrily Kuhn's lecture has been completely updated & precise. The information was straight to the point. 
    That was practical as well as scientific information which can save lots of lives and promotes health in our community. It was wonderful information to help me and my patients in their daily lives.  Thank you for the amazing lecture. I loved it.
    Fariba Ranjbaran


   I found Dr. Kuhn's seminar on Cardiac Health, Inflammation and Gut Health absolutely fascinating. There was so much to take away and not only apply for my patients chair side, but for improving my health at home.
   I would love to attend more of her informative lectures and will definitely be adding several of her CD's, book recommendations and reading material to my library.
Thank you!
T Denton, RDH