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Health Informational Resources

to Help You Achieve and Maintain Good Health
All Video CDs and Books listed below are written and presented by
Dr. Merrily A. Kuhn unless otherwise indicated.


Video CDs

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Depression & Yeast Infections (Candida)

(Gut-Brain Connection)

An estimated 19 million Americans suffer from and are living with Depression, Anxiety.

Is there a connection between the gut-brain, psychiatric disorders,
anxiety, yeast infections , candida overgrowth & albicans?

Bacterial colonization of the newborns gut occurs at a sensitive period of brain development & influences behavior & even expression of certain genes for life! Researchers are finding a relationship between gut bacteria & depression, anxiety, and when there is an over production of yeast in the gut it can be more devastating. Excessive yeast ,Candida Overgrowth, can breakdown the intestinal wall resulting in leaky gut syndrome. Candida Albicans is a specific strain of yeast that lives in the intestinal tract, which can become problematic when it gets out of balance and overgrows. Toxins from the gut enter the vascular system & penetrate the brain, causing many health problems including depression and anxiety.
This connection & much more is discussed including the prevention and health management.
Video CD Set $25.00

Depression and Yeast Infection Candida

The Gut: Birth/Illness/Health

Discusses: Gut Issues at Birth. Growing up in today's Environment-Genetically Modified Foods, Wheat, Colors, Dyes, Preservatives. Gut Diseases- H Pylori, GERD, IBS, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Celiac Disease, Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity. Return to Gut Health using Traditional & Complementary Therapies.
Video CD Set $25.00

Environmental Toxins

Do we live in a Environmental Toxins? The answer is YES!
From the water we drink; the air we breathe; the food we eat; the creams. lotions & potions we put on our body; the products we clean with; the drugs we take; to the cell phone we talk on, we are constantly being exposed to Environmental Toxins!
Let us explore our Environmental Toxins; preservatives, additives, plastic, Styrofoam, BPA; parabens; drugs we take & from our cell phones. Can we possibly protect ourselves?
Video CD Set $25.00
Environmental Toxins button
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Obesity, It May Not be Your Fault

CDC data suggests that just about everyone is overweight (68%) and a significant proportion of the population is obese. Obesity now affects 17% of all children and adolescents in the US.
     So learn about over-weight & obesity & how our body can trick us to gain weigh & regain it after a loss. Learn about chemicals in our body that contribute to obesity and most important, what can we do to counter the obesity epidemic in ourselves & our patients.
Video CD Set $25.00

What's In Our Food

Are we eating healthy food today? The answer is NO!

The foods on supermarket shelves have more health information on their labels today than ever before—but that has only make it more confusing to determine what to buy.
Eighty percent of our food today is genetically engineered. Is this affecting our health? We are constantly being exposed to toxins.
Let us explore our food supply: fluorine; genetically modified foods;, preservatives, colors and flavors, additives, artificial sweeteners;, arsenic, heavy metals, titanium dioxide, coal tar, silicone and many more.
How does our food come to us? Are the containers our food is stored in: plastic, Styrofoam, and BPA, safe? Can we possibly protect ourselves and our families? What role do phytochemicals play?
Video CD Set $25.00
What's in our food
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The A to Zzzzzzz for Optimal Sleep

Poor quality sleep and daytime fatigue are the most common general health complaints in American adults. Practitioners frequently work with patients who report trouble with sleep. Dr. Kuhn reviews concepts of insomnia, sleep apnea and behavior modification to improve sleep utilizing the most up-to-date sleep research. Learn what you can do to improve your sleep..
Video CD Set $25.00

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Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements

Vitamins and minerals, do we need them and/or do we abuse them?

Vitamins, minerals and supplements are discussed as to their action, use, toxicities, side effects and food sources. Learn how to achieve adequate intake-food or supplements. Learn how to choose good quality products and sort through the truthful and sometimes not-so-truthful information. All health care professions need to know this valuable information.
Video CD Set $25.00
Vitamins Minerals Supplements

Drug/Herb Interactions

Herbal products are becoming mainstream and are used by 40-60% of the US population, often concurrently with prescription drugs. Over 60 drug/herb interactions are identified and their mechanism of action reviewed when known. Some drug/herb interactions are benign, but there are others that can result in prescription drugs not being effective or by increasing side effects of either the herb or the drug. All providers must have this timely information to counsel patients.
Video CD Set $25.00
Drug Herb Interactions
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Scary Drug Interactions

Concepts of drug interactions

are presented as to the categories of occurrence: pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, combined toxicities, drug-food interactions, and incompatibilities. Scary drug interactions that can cause injury and death are discussed. All health care providers need to know this valuable information.
Video CD Set $25.00
Scary Drug Interactons

Cardiac Function and Testing

Cardiovascular disease is a major killer in the U.S. Health care professionals need to know how to identify risk factors and promote healthy life style choices in our clients.
The purpose of the program is to reinforce the rationale, implications, physiology and pathophysiology behind these frequently ordered laboratory tests in the cardiovascular system as a basis for understanding the patients diagnosis and counseling
Cardiac Function and Testing
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Fluid and Electrolyte Balance

Reviews the most common fluid and electrolytes (Na+, K+, Ca++, Mg++, HPO4_,CI , as well as chromium and selenium) as to their function, hypo-hyper states, and appropriate treatment interventions
Video CD Set $25.00
Fluid and Electrolyte

Liver Function Testing

The liver is involved with over 400 activities. This program reviews anatomy and physiology of the liver and gallbladder.
In addition, the program discusses the handling of proteins and clotting components, the development of enzymes with injury and the destruction of RBC with the creation of bilirubin. Lab tests are discussed as to their rationales and implications
of high and low values. Several diseases are reviewed with their appropriate lab tests - Hepatitis, NASH, and Pancreatitis. Several case studies assist the learner in interpreting laboratory data.
Video CD Set $30.00
Liver Function Testing
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Oxygenation & Acid Base Balance

Concepts of oxygenation, carbon dioxide, perfusion, transport, delivery, consumption and extraction are discussed. Acid-base is presented: acidosis vs. alkalosis, de compensated vs. compensated, respiratory vs. metabolic and the anion gap. Several patient situations are discussed and a unique method of determining Acid Base balance - the Educational Services Target - is presented.
Video CD Set $25.00
Oxygenation and Acid Base Balance
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The End of Alzheimer's

Dr. Dale Bredesen

 In this paradigm shifting book, Dr. Bredesen offers real hope to anyone looking to prevent and even reverse alzheimer's Disease and cognitive decline. Revealing that aD is not one condition, as it is currently treated, but three, The end of alzheimer’s outlines 36 metabolic  factors (micronutrients, hormone levels, sleep) that can trigger "downsizing" in the brain.   The protocol shows us how to rebalance these factors using lifestyle modifications like taking B12, eliminating gluten, or improving oral hygiene.
Book $25.00


The Autoimumme Fix: How to Sto the Hidden Autoimmune Damage That Keeps You Sick, Fat, and Tired Before it Turnes Into Disease

Tom O'Bryan

Millions of people suffer from autoimmunity whether they know it or not. The root cause of most weight gain, brain and mood problems, and fatigue, autoimmunity can take years—or even decades—for symptoms and a clear diagnosis to arise. Through years of research, Dr. Tom O’Bryan has discovered that autoimmunity is actually a spectrum, and many people experiencing general malaise are already on it. The good news is that many autoimmune conditions can be reversed through a targeted protocol designed to heal the autoimmune system, 70 percent of which is located in the gut. The autoimmune Fix provides a practical and muchneeded guide to navigating these increasingly common conditions to help you feel better and develop a plan that works for you.
Book $25.00


The Hot Detox Plan: Cleanse Your Body and Heal Your Gut with Warming, Anti-inflammatory Foods

by Julie Daniluk RHN

Spark Your Digestion, Safely Cleanse Your Body, and Speed Healing. This book unifies soothing cooking techniques scientific rigor, and eastern food wisdom to create a revolutionary breakthrough in how you can fire up your digestive power and cleanse and heal your body. You’ll discover how . . . •warming your food and drink can dramatically increase the digestibility of a meal and the absorption of vital nutrients •chopping or blending foods such as broccoli can make them more detoxifying •cooking and dressing your vegetables with oil makes their phytonutrients more bioavailable •using culinary herbs in your cooking can kill yeast and negative bacteria that may be the cause of bloating mnd indigestion.
Learn much more about food.
Book $28.00


10-day Detox Diet

(Dr. Mark Hyman)

Dr. Hyman explains how to: activate your natural ability to burn fat-- especially belly fat; reduce inflammation; reprogram your metabolism; shut off your fat-storing genes; de-bug your digestive system; create effortless appetite control; and soothe the stress to shed the pounds. With practical tools designed to achieve optimum wellness, including meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists, as well as step-by- step, easy-to- follow advice on green living, supplements, medication, exercise, and more.
Book $26.00

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How Not to Die

(Dr. Michael Greger)

How Not to Die reveals the foods scientifically proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease.
Book $28.00

Food Forensics: The Hidden Toxins Lurking in Your Food and How you Can Avoid Them for Lifelong Health

( Mike Adams)

Now, in Food Forensics, adams meticulously tests groceries, fast foods, dietary supplements, spices, and protein powders for heavy metals and toxic elements that could be jeopardizing your health. To conduct this extensive research, adams built a state-ofthe-art laboratory with cutting-edge scientific instruments. Publishing results of metal concentrations for more than 800 different foods, Food Forensics is doing the job the FDa refuses to do: testing off-the-shelf foods and sharing the findings so the public can make informed decisions about what they consume or avoid. This book will forever change your view of food safety, regulation, and manufacturing. When you know what’s really in your food, you can start making changes to protect yourself against serious diseases like cancer, all while maximizing your natural immune defenses against infection and disease. .
Book $16.00 (paperback)

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The Grain Brain Cookbook

(Dr. David Pearlmutter)

The Grain Brain Cookbook presents more than 150 delectable recipes to keep your brain vibrant and your body fit, all the while dramatically reducing your risk for and treating Alzheimer's, depression, ADHD, and epilepsy, as well as relieving everyday conditions like headaches, insomnia, and forgetfulness.
Book $27.00

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Food: What the Heck Can I Eat

(Dr. Mark Hyman)

Dr. Hyman looks a every food group and explains what we've gotten wrong, revealing which foods nurture our health and which pose a threat. H also explains food's crucial role in functional medicine and how food systems and policies affect our environmental and personal health.
Book $26.00

Eat Fat Get Thin

(Dr. Mark Hyman)

Many of us have long been told that fat makes us fat, contributes to heart disease, and generally erodes out health. Now a growing body of research is debunking our fat-phobia, revealing the immense health and weight- loss benefits of a high-fat diet rich in eggs, nuts, oils, avocados, and other delicious super-foods. Learn about a new weight-loss and healthy living program based on the latest science and explains how to EAT FAT, GET THIN and achieve optimum wellness along the way.
Book $26.00

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Eat Fat Get Thin Cookbook

(Dr. Mark Hyman)

Hyman believes that the key to losing weight and achieving ultimate health is to eat more fat, not less. He shares glutenfree recipes that support this lifestyle, yet will satisfy even the pickiest eaters in your family.

Meditation Booklets

Numerous methods of meditation are presented in an easy to read handbook.
Booklet $2.00
Meditation Booklets


Resume & Vitae Writing

Learn how to create 3 types of resumes or a CV, how to sell yourself, how to get that job you always wanted!
Examples included.
Booklet $5.00
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Complementary Therapies


Complementary therapies are becoming more widely used. This series of programs provides information concerning the therapy, its history, purpose, procedure, side effects, and the training/education of the practitioner. In addition, current research is included as well as resources for further information.

Mind-Body-Energy Connection

Presents information to enhance health and prevent disease: describes techniques that connect the mind-body; use energy to heal the body; and reviews movement therapies to enhance energy.
Booklet $10.00
Comp Therapies - Mind Body Energy
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Food as Preventative Medicine

Presents information on phytochemicals found in foods and spices being studied for promotion of health and prevention of cancer. We are what we eat!
Booklet $13.00
Food as Preventative Medicint

Purchase Both Complementary booklets as a set

Booklets $20.00
Both Booklet Set
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Quick Pocket Laboratory Reference

Merrily A. Kuhn, ND, PhD, RN
Bound booklet of several hundred lab tests. Identifies causes of high and low values. Ideal pocket guide. Easy to use and carry. Includes the Educational Services TARGET for Acid Base Determination.
Reference Guide $15.00
Laboratory Reference
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Quick Pocket Laboratory Reference For Drug Effects

The Quick Pocket Laboratory Reference For Drug Effects is the compliment text to our popular guide, Quick Pocket Laboratory Reference. This reference features a brief description and listing of the drugs that affect lab test results. The guide also includes a 55-page alphabetized Index of Drugs and the tests they affect.
Reference Guide $15.00
Pocket Lab Ref for Drug Effects
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Purchase both Quick Pocket guides as a set

Reference Guides $25.00
Pocket Guide Set


Critical Care Challenge 2nd Edition

Written by: Dr. Merrily A. Kuhn, PhD, RN, Frances Stier, MSN, RNC, CCRN; Brenda Shelton, MS, RN, CCRN, OCN; Ellen Harvey, MN, RNC, CRN.

Our Critical Care Challenge Game is a learning tool, which helps you to develop accurate responses to critical care situations, enhances learning of difficult case planning topics, and facilitates analytic reasoning and critical thinking. 400 Critical Care questions with answers and rationales.
Original Price: $27.00
Special Price: $10.00
Critical Care Challenge

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Pharmacogenomic Concepts of Drug Interactions

Over 1000 unique chemical substances are available today, thus the number of possible drug interactions grows daily. The following topics are discussed: pharmacokinetic interaction of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion, drug-food and drug-drug interactions and pharmacodynamic interactions.
Thenewest area of pharmacogenomic testing is explored as to its current use, application, cost and other ramifications. Several case studies are discussed to demonstrate the effectiveness of genomic testing in managing patients with pain, cancer, ADD, coumadin and depression. Application to forensic medicine is also discussed. Learn the possible drug interactions that can occur in you, your patients, and family, and what is in our future for individual drugs and doses.
Audio CD and Study Book
Pharmacogenomic Concepts - Drug Interaction
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Med Surg Certification Review Course

This is a comprehensive 2 day review of medical-surgical nursing that will prepare you to sit for the med-surg certification exam sponsored by the ANA. Study guides include information of diet therapy, drugs and over 150 questions and answers. Content includes: Patient Care Issues, Coping and Adaptation, Multi-System Failure, Pulmonary System/Disorders, Hematologic and Immune Systems/Disorders, Metabolic and Endocrine Functions/Disorders, Renal and Genitourinary Systems/Disorders, Cardiovascular System/Disorders, Sensorineural/Integumentary Systems/Disorders, Female/Male Reproductive.
Text CD, Study Book
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